Life Reading/Fixed Star/Bicircadian Interface

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

Did you ever have the experience, usually at Christmas time, of coming home with a gift in a kit form that had to be assembled? To most of us this is usually a painful experience because here you are with all those parts and without the slightest idea of what goes into what or what connects to where. Even the assembly instructions aren’t much help since they appear to be written by some mad scientist lower Slobovia. If you have ever suffered through facing these manifold parts (they were supposed to fit together easily so the finished product looked as terrific as the picture on the box), then you’ve experienced “Interface Phobia”. In simple terms, interface phobia is nothing more than having all the right parts while suffering an enormous mental or physical block in understanding how they are supposed to join together.

Rather than furnishing you with some metaphysical madman’s indecipherable plans, we suggest you consider a personal interface session to connect all the elements of your Life Reading, Fixed Star and Bicircadian Chart. Just like the do-it-yourself kit, it is a session of putting together all the nuts and bolts of your blueprint so that you have a functional and serviceable vehicle which you can drive down life’s highways. As much as anything, this interface session helps you sort yourself out in a way that brings awareness to how one element in a given area responds to and effects elements elsewhere. The interface process contributes to your sense of self security by making you aware of what you’ve got and how you can use it to your best advantage.

The Life Reading information that came directly through Gregge is a requirement for this service. Life Readings through Gregge are no longer available to new clients.

Important Note:  There are others in the metaphysical community offering services called Life Readings; they may purport to have been trained by Gregge to offer such. Gregge did not train anyone, nor was he given permission to train anyone, in extrapolating life reading energy patterns.  He held this as a sacred trust bestowed upon him for very specific reasons. Therefore, only Life Reading information that came directly through Gregge will be recognized and used by G-Systems International in order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of Gregge’s training and mission.