Personality Profile

This service is a written report and does not require any appointment time.

We have found that it is beneficial for an individual to have an in-depth, concise, and detailed self portrait on hand in addition to the overall Fixed Star and Bicircadian information. The advantage of this self portrait, or profile, is to be able to refer at will to a complete document incorporating the information from all your file material.

This report is constructed from information provided by your Life Reading, Fixed Star, Bicircadian and any other individual work you may have had done prior to requesting the profile. From this background information we prepare a strength/weakness profile that allows you to view yourself objectively. In this way you can concentrate on those areas that will do the most good in your lifestyle development. As you might have already deduced, the Personality Profile is an invaluable career development tool in addition to supporting your self development methodologies.

We are quick to emphasize that the Personality profile is no pat on the back analysis. It is true that where strengths are indicated they are clearly noted, but where there are areas that need attention and weaknesses that must be corrected, we are firm in the pointing these out and the necessity to handle the conditions without further delay.