Personal Communication Analysis

This service is a written report and does not require any appointment time.

Is there anyone who has not gone through the frustration of trying to get an idea across to another person only to find that what one wants to say either does not come out as intended or ends up being completely misunderstood by the listener. This happens so often it would make one wonder if there isn’t some hidden block that keeps us from communicating the way we desire.

The fact is that there are blocks in each of us and those blocks are with us from the time we are born. But as surely as we have those blocks to contend with there are also pathways through our system to get our thoughts and information out properly. Knowing one from the other is the basis for the Personal Communication Analysis service.


This service consists of an original lecture recording with a personal analysis of those communication pathways in your Bicircadian chart to give you the information you need to become an effective communicator.


To be effectively understood is one of the most powerful tools of humankind. Certainly history has proven again and again that garbled communications is the leading cause of distrust and animosity between peoples and countries. The Personal Communication Analysis lifts you from this swamp of words and puts you on solid ground. As an effective communicator you also become a more effective individual. There is no better time than now to make yourself heard.