Bicircadian Stress Analysis

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

Conditions locally, regionally, nationally and globally have all come into our lives as stress or stress related conditions. Taking a pill to combat this insidious and destructive state does little in identifying the basis for the stress and literally nothing to help solve the issue.

If you’ve had your Bicircadian Chart done it can be analyzed to explain what keys off the stress in your system, how it travel through your body, the damage it will most likely cause, and the short and long term debilitation that is most likely to result in your physical, mental and spiritual makeup.

All these conditions and internal pathways can be seen in your Bicircadian Chart. The analysis helps get to the root of the matter together with the positive elements at your disposal to counteract the problem.

If you can identify any of the following conditions, you are under stress: pain, distress, grief, suffering, strain, mental pressure, worry, anxiety, frustration, conflict, trauma, overexertion, and tension.

The analysis is based on finding the source of the stress; identifying its physical and mental pathways; the probable damage it can cause; and a clear plan for a solution to change the condition.