The Bicircadian Health Profile

This is a written service and does not require any appointment time.

The mathematical design of the Bicircadian chart gives us an analytical altitude of unlimited capability. We can, through different models, turn the chart into almost any analytical tool we choose, and we can do this with outstanding accuracy and effectiveness. That is why where ever the chart is used, we can proclaim no less than 93% accuracy in the analysis.

We recognize that this is a physical planet and that we are all operating here in a physical vehicle. That physical body is wonderfully complex, but like any fine machine, it requires care, attention and much understanding as to its functions and capabilities. It is in this context that we turn to the Bicircadian chart to give us specific information on the physical system and to help us design a health profile that will assist you in getting healthy and staying that way.

We have yet to find anyone who is born physically perfect. In fact, everyone we have ever run into (and that includes ourselves) arrives here with at least one and usually more, “Achilles Heels”; some inherent body weakness that seem susceptible to breakdown under stress. Identifying those areas in detail is just one of the capabilities of the Health Profile.

We have been known to shift uncomfortably every time someone refers to the governments nutrition minimum daily requirements or MDR. We hold that there is no such thing since each of us is distinct and each of us has our own peculiar needs. In essence, the physical vehicle has a very definite nutrient need and nutrient burn rate that may be far afield from what the government claims can be met by the MDR. In this area the Bicircadian chart is used to identify your personal nutrient need and burn rate. This is essential knowledge if one is to work out a successful health program tailored to individual needs and lifestyles.

In addition to this analysis, we can provide the nutritional supplementation suggested in the analysis.