The Career Profile

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

One of the earliest personal decisions one must make in life concerns itself with the career. Even before we leave high school we are faced with a number of options relative to our workstyle. With rare exception this requirement produces an irrational amount of stress especially since one has yet to try his hand in the marketplace. Work experience itself is also no sure answer because the more we uncover about our workstyle the more we become disenchanted with our direction.

The Career Profile is designed to bring clarity to this area of your life. We want to point out right away that the profile is not designed to identify a particular job that you should take. It is designed to get you to understand creative strengths and weaknesses so that you are clear about how to use yourself effectively and in what career areas you have the most opportunity to be productive and grow.

This profile is valuable at anytime of your working life; when making a determination relative to your education or training, when beginning your work experience, or during your working life when you are considering a new position or direction. It helps focus you on your talent and your creative vitality so that you can move with confidence in the marketplace.