The Financial/Investment Analysis

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

We often fail to realize how frequently and how much we invest during a year. We think that investing is something done in the stock market or commodity market, and is mainly suited to those who have large sums of money. But the fact is that investments can be considered any action in which the item chosen has or is intended to have a resale value. A home is an investment, as is your car. Hobbies can be large investments, such as coin or stamp collecting. Antiques and other types of collectibles form a significant investment area for many individuals.

The purpose of this analysis is to give you a clear view of your investment “personality”, that side of you that determines whether you are conservative, a risk taker, whether you move quickly or with deliberation. Additionally, we look at the areas most suited to you for investment and those areas that are likely to bring the greatest return. The analysis does not concern itself with the time to buy or any individual stock or commodity. It serves as a reliable guide to assist you in making investment decisions on those holdings that can be beneficial to you during their ownership and renumerative when you are ready to turn them over.