This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

Enerology is the science of vortex energy and the results that are achieved from the interaction of that energy. Its application is likened to, but exceeds that of the commonly accepted forms of numerology. Like numerology, its formulas are applied to the letter/number symbols, but unlike the inadequate form of numerology, Enerology exceeds the symbol limitation and enters into analysis of molecular action vortices and all they represent magnetically.

Enerology is used to determine final manifested action. That is, it tells us how a given person, thing or event will “perform” at the finite point of the action. It determines success and failure probability together with the characteristics that any given incident will offer. It serves as the final guideline to the application of other chart information and provides a determination as to what one may expect between intent and reality.

In its basic form, Enerology determines name vortexes and their effect together with the interaction that can be produced by a vortex. Focus is on personality design, karmic resistance’s, ideas, people you attract and opportunity attraction. Additionally, it defines cyclic timing and flow pattern both for the individual and in relationship to numerous situations. It is used to establish proper name vortices together with other harmonic energies that permit you to apply your knowledge and creative talent with maximum efficiency and effect.