The Astroradial Forecast

This service is a written report and does not require any appointment time.

The Astroradial Forecast is a specially complied yearly forecast based on a time corrected/geographical located Bicircadian chart. We produce this forecast information by re-computing your Bicircadian chart to your current birthday and the city in which you were located on that date. This then provides us with a new jumping off point for the next twelve months.

In this profile, which is presented in an overall narrative form, we look at the yearly pattern as established from the new jump off point. It covers the year in broad experiential terms to provide you with extremely valuable guidance to fit the current latitude of your lifestyle. It will also help you determine those actions and directions that will be most remunerative to you for the year. We must know where you are physically going to be located on your birthday of the current year in order to do this forecast.