The Bicircadian Locator Maps

These services are written reports and do not require any appointment time.

There are no mistakes in the Universe. What is·. Is supposed to be, and perhaps this is what we see as one of our greatest problems in life: understanding why things are the way they are. This is never emphasized more strongly then when we consider where we were born, where we have relocated during our lifetime and where we should be headed.

Being on this planet is no mistake and being born in a certain location is no error either. But as life progresses we are faced with the constant questions as to whether a move that takes us from on locale to another is the right move.

To answer this and other questions concerning location, both now and in the future, we developed the Bicircadian Locator Maps. These unique maps are designed to eliminate the questions “where in the world should I be?” These maps provide an accurate guide that will among other things determine the best and worst places on the globe for you to live, work, play, travel, think, learn, develop spiritually, make decisions, build your ego, expand your personality, invest your money, and establish the lifestyle and successes you wish to achieve.

The map is constructed specifically for you and cannot be applied to any other person. It is constructed with a series of radical line plots derived from a sophisticated formula integrated into you personal Bicircadian system. It allows you to make a determination of any place in the world as to its compatibility or non-compatibility to you. Further, it allows you to identify information, etc. and those areas that can bring about restrictions for you if you should use item originating from that locale. The value of the map does not rest on one question, but rather provides you with a long lasting document that can be referred to again and again to assist you in understanding your present location and where you can operate in order to receive maximum benefit from your experiences. The following is a list of all Bicircadian Maps available to you:

1. Personal World Locator Map includes the entire world.

2. Personal US Locator Map is the contiguous 48 states only.

3. Marriage World Locator Map supplies all the information of the personal map but it is analyzed for the benefit of the marriage and/or family unit. For the most part it defines where the marriage will best function and what areas are most suitable to give the marriage the best possible geographical support. Where daily location is of prime concern there is a good deal of individual flexibility, this map becomes the essential tool in the decision making process. Its use is to help the marriage unit find the most workable location to grow and expand. It also pinpoints certain areas that might be career compatible as well as areas more suitable for children and family development. It is a valuable tool when the family unit is preparing to move from its present location especially if the choice of a new location is still in the decision making stages. It also serves as a vital supportive tool when making a location decision via comparison of individual locator maps and business maps.

4. Marriage US Locator Map is the contiguous 48 states only.

5. Business World Locator Map contains the same vital information that a personal map provides except the analysis concerns itself with those categories peculiar to business operations. It provides to business a clear view of the positive and negative markets in the world and adds a significant measure of security to business decisions and new location development. It will clearly show why certain markets and goods from certain areas have, in the past, been unable to live up to expectations and how refocusing and relocation of activities can bring about a dramatic improvement in business activity and income.

6. Business US Locator Map is the contiguous 48 states only.