The Six Month Calendar

This service is a written report and does not require appointment time.

No doubt most of you have come across astrological calendars that supposedly give you guidance for each day of the year. The only trouble is that the information written for your sign also applies to a few dozen million other people. It can hardly be considered a personal guidance system.

We have felt for many years that an ideal personal guidance system should be based on the combination of an individual’s Bicircadian chart and Fixed Star analysis. If, we reasoned, we could combine these mathematics accurately with other metaphysical tables, we would be able to produce a calendar of exceptional accuracy applicable to only the individual who ordered it. We are pleases to say that the system is in place.

The Personal and/or Business Calendar evaluates the spiritual, mental and physical vitality of each day. Additionally, it measures a persons and/or businesses performance quotient and considers the obstacle values of each day. The measurements produced could not be more accurate for you or your business if you were wired directly into an energy evaluating machine.

No longer are you looking at generalizations but rather a clear measurement of your daily personal and/or business values. The calendar shows you accurately when and where to channel your energies. Facing a difficult task? Look at the calendar. Identify the day when your physical vitality rating is high, and the tackle the task on that day. You will find it will go easier and more efficiently than you had imagined. Want some time for spiritual refurbishing? Again check out the day when the spiritual vitality value is high. On that day it will feel like you’ve plugged into the Universe. Metaphysical knowledge will be easy to recognize and assimilate and you will finish the day feeling refreshed and renewed. The applications are numerous and expand beyond the generalizations found in bio-rhythm charts. This calendar is personal and the information is computed only for you and/or your business.

One of the elements we are most proud of in the calendar is a built-in thermometer that evaluates all the information computed for the day and then prints out a black line that gives you, at a glance, the overall quality of the day. Quickly you can tell whether it is an up or down day. Knowing that you are looking at a down day is important in helping you conserve your energies. Instead of going out and banging your head against walls, you can hold back and wait for a better opportunity to act. In time and with daily use, you will begin to see and develop a personal rhythm leaving you with more results in less time while your energy levels remain high. Oftentimes success is simply a matter of staying away from daily pitfalls and nothing will help you more to do just than your personal and/or business calendar.

We produce the calendar in six (6) month groupings. You can order any six month period from now to 100 years in the future. Again this forecast must begin at the beginning of a month. With this capability you can plan as far in advance as you need to. Think of how helpful this will be in looking for the perfect vacation time, career move, marriage date, sales blitz, contract signing date etc. With your personal calendar, guesswork is over and accurate planning is at your fingertips.