True For All Time

“The purpose of life throughout time is to reach optimum control over your experience through the fulfillment of your needs, wants, and desires. The objective of your life, yesterday, today and tomorrow is to use the control you have developed to advance your awareness and learn within your own framework.  When you were released by the Universe into existence, you were given a specific space in the cycle of motion that we refer to as time. That motion in space was not available, and will never be available to any else but you. You have never given up your identity and you never can. The fact is, you have a Universal base of energy support that is all yours.

As an integral part of the Universe, you must know that you are not designed to be weak, angry or impotent. You exist with the potential to recognize conditions for what they are without any condition rattling the core of your being. This is true for all time. An experience does not do anything to you that you do not want it to do. Lying to yourself and hiding from yourself is very hard work! Such habits come from invalid identifiers that are ingrained inside of you in cellular storage units from past experiences. They are invalid because they act as layers upon layer of insulation that you have created from what you think is the need to protect yourself.

Take back what is yours! Recognize the quality of your experience without guilt or obligation. Recognize that the world does not owe you anything and get some fresh air into your thinking. First steps need to be done in small enough ways in order for you to notice the results.

Believe in the importance of everything you do. What seems like the most insignificant things in our lives often turn out to have the largest benefits. Likewise, what often seems like the biggest things turn out to actually be quite insignificant. How you do anything is how you do everything.” – Gregge Tiffen

Humanity – Part 2

“Control is neither assumed correctly, administered correctly, nor is it accepted correctly by humanity. Everything here is ours, and as the natural progression of creation, we have the responsibility for taking dominion right down the line. Until we can get back to the concept of our Source, our dominion, and the planet in line with the Universal Plan, we make very little, if any, progress. Consciousness was produced from the non-physical state into the manifested state of humanity and now, because of free will, mankind can do its own thing. Are we not in a larger family? This is a very important point. If you keep tracing along this line, you will discover the true meaning in terms of Universal unity beyond that which you even dare dream. What you will find are very finite points of relationships, molecule to molecule, image to image and likeness to likeness.

What do we know about reflection? We know to have a reflection there must have been an image from which to reflect. That image was originally spiritual, humanity was manifested as a spiritual reflection and then left in charge to take dominion of the planet. Within the normal Universal Life Force, manifestation was done in a spiritual form by reflection, in the image of spirituality. The physically manifested form is the image of humanity’s spirituality through its phases.
Back to basics: The Universe creates Itself. How? By reflection. We know the image is a reflection of spirituality. I, as one-of-one reflect off of you as my polarity, and I create me. What I see reflected from you is me, and I create myself. I create by my spiritual awareness because all of creation has already been created before mankind was manifested on the planet. I am not creating something that does not already exist. I reflect off of you, and I create my spirituality. I can only match up what I see with that Universal form of spirituality that I can recognize.
What is the most logical thing to do if you are going to manifest anything in an area that is brand new to you? You draw upon that which you already know and what you had already imaged. You manifest an expression of you. The only thing you can manifest clearly is an expression of you. The whole concept of individuality and independence comes into your awareness at that point. The planet Earth creates from its characteristic of animal, vegetable and mineral. The Universe magnifies and multiples that creation and reinforces a greater action so that the whole cycle of life goes on. You act. The Universe magnifies your action and reinforces that action into a vital Life Force for greater action.
Security is to know that you are connected to Universal Source and that you are safe. Your consciousness always sees its experience in Universal terms and stores those experiences as wisdom. Those stored experiences are seldom available to your awareness on a day-by-day basis because of the intense demands of the current experiential requirements. Consequently, we are out of touch with that part of us that provides the greatest comfort and sense of wholeness. The demands of conditions, and other people can diminish your ability to stay in touch with your consciousness. It is your choice as to where you put the emphasis. You gain control over your surroundings by freeing your consciousness to feel the strength of the Universe. We are born with two eyes in order to have one eye on the Universe and one eye on the planet at all times! Getting back to consciousness is to let it have time and space. Let it do wat it wants to do.
In metaphysics, consciousness defies description. “Universal totality” comes close but that is just a hint. If we could define infinity, it would no longer be infinite and your consciousness is an integral part of your infinity. Symbolically, we can look at the total Universe as a body and each one of us a cell, a part of the Universal body in totality. Consciousness is energy that permeates every cell of your body and cannot be seen in a microscope, but it is the total feeling of knowing. “ I know that I know, but I cannot tell you how I know.” To be generous with yourself, give yourself over to the Universe and find yourself!
Use opportunities. Take your inherent knowledge to figure out what to do with what you already know. Prayer and meditation put a burden on consciousness that it is not designed to bear. It is designed to relive its own experiences in pure, free form. Consciousness is already wise and you are born brilliant regardless of who you are, where you were born, or what your physical condition appears to be. We are each expected to add to that brilliance through experience. There are things each of us can only do on our own. As we experience what we know, experience expands and becomes another part of what we know. When we examine the early explorers who circumnavigated the world, we find they learned by doing. They provided their own specific knowledge to experiences. Applied knowledge is aware experience that ultimately turns experience into wisdom.
I may not know who you are, but your existence, your presence, provides an image for me to reflect upon about myself which adds to my experience. Finally, one day, the point comes when I have followed my experience to where it leads me. I realize, in consciousness, that I have acquired all the experience that I want and I crawl into bed very content. My experience continues on. Nothing is held back in the continuation of the energy flow.” – Gregge Tiffen

Humanity – Part 1

“It is very important to recognize that life interacts in the sequence of creation before humanity arrives on the planet. If we had arrived as observers at that point, we would not have seen anything in form, but we would have felt energy in operation. This is not something that is generally understood and accepted, but it is a very exciting part in the sequence of creation. The good news is that you have always known this story. Consequently, you know that what you are currently seeing and hearing around you today is not within the Law at the point you find yourself. Science, religion, politics and other doctrines keep painting your glasses black so you cannot see. However, you know if you take them off long enough, you are going to see what you have always known. You only observe in light of what you know.

We know that everything that is to be created has already been created out of First Cause. When we get to the finite level, we are meant to learn about the natural, regenerative processes on the physical level. Up to this point, we have learned that the form of the earth is established on the spiritual level and how, as a result, Life interacts between the Universe and the space prepared for the planet to exist. We now come to a new level of discussion regarding the energy of that Life Force. There is continuity as we deal with the upper levels of awareness. We move to the portion of the story about how the energy works on the finite levels of awareness. We need to know how humanity manifested on this planet. What are the details of creation that bring us to this point of our awareness? The Universe, in its natural progression and outworking, set up a place for the planet in a specific space. Once the space was prepared, the Universe brought the planet into being and divided the planet according to its needs for the heavens and the earth. It brought forth, out of Its own energy of spirituality, the interaction of Life. We cannot add anything to creation because everything has already been created.

When consciousness of the planet was first brought into manifestation in the form of humanity, people did not manifest in physical form. Originally, the form was more like fog talking shape, or what we think of as ghostlike. The physical form was in the blueprint for humanity, but it was not manifested until the molecules were gradually slowed own (over eons of time) from a faster frequency to a much slower frequency in order to match the slower frequency of the planet. It was at that particular point that the free will of the planet determined it would maintain itself in its own interaction with Life. Having done this, humanity was left to its own will and was given dominion to take over the planet.

When you see the word dominion, I want you to think of a benevolent King in every true sense of the word. He rules his country by the grace of his people. He is given dominion over his kingdom and over all the people in it. The welfare of those people and the operation of that kingdom, to the best interests of all the people living there, is an enormous responsibility. Do not ever take dominion out of that context. People’s relationship with their pets is an example of the affinity and love of dominion. There is a mode of energy around people and their pets, and the pets respond the same way they are given attention. Humanity is the recipient to a natural progression of the Law. Each person must rule with dominion and with all the responsibilities that attend to being the king. However, the average person will not face the responsibility of dominion to the planet. We are divorced from the proper way of exercising dominion. Dominion is the full operation of free will. The planet is your home, your kingdom and your responsibility. You are kings and queens. In terms of observable manifested life, humanity is given dominion over ever thing as the natural progression because nothing in the Universe is ever left alone and void. All things must follow, and all things must have their appropriate manifestation. We are the baby who has taken the first breath. We are breathing on our own. The umbilical cord has been cut. Humanity has been given dominion and humanity is to take control.” – Gregge Tiffen

Consciousness And Body Cells

“Every time you have made an honest decision in your life, you have felt good about it. Maybe at the time you didn’t like doing it, but retrospectively you find it was right to make the decision and act on it. The times when you have refused to go through the analytical process are the unfortunate times. When you haven’t made the decision or accepted someone else’s, you don’t feel good about it at all. It’s as simple as that.

Problems arise when you don’t make many decisions and act on them. For instance, its bedtime and you tell yourself you really should do something. Then you tell yourself that you’re too tired so you don’t do it. You have shut out the analytical process and refused to use your will. If you don’t use the will, you’re not positioning yourself to be in the flow of consciousness that is there for you. That’s the danger.

You have a couple of billion brains in your body because all your cells are thinking. All the cells in your body act as storage units. They accept information, store information, process information and communicate information. That’s what consciousness does. Because we have a physical vehicle, that’s what the body cells do. If we were on another planet, there would be some other means for us to accept, store, process and communicate information. Every cell in your body thinks. The harder you try to think in your head, the less likely you’re going to analyze because analysis doesn’t happen in your head. You can’t see consciousness as a separate little thing in the solar plexus bouncing around like some kind of rubber ball because consciousness is your totality. Consciousness, as seen in the human individual, is the construction of the physical vehicle and its cellular mass.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve never been given the opportunity to think about ourselves in that way. We grow up within a framework that says that certain things are acceptable and other things are unacceptable. However, every time you deny one cell of your body its recognition, you have cut off one cell of consciousness. You are denying the use of consciousness at that particular point. When you isolate those cells that you don’t accept, there isn’t any flow of energy. When there isn’t any flow of energy, the cells know that they have been rejected and they begin to die. It’s the only thing they can do because everything, including nourishment, is taken away from them. The lack of acceptance takes away part of your analytical capability which means you are missing that bit of information and your decisions are not going to be made very well. Any part of your body has a lot to tell you.

The first thing is to accept your body for what it is, whatever it is because when we are talking consciousness we mean from the tip of your toes to the top of your head as it sits there now. Let’s take the example of being overweight. You look at yourself and say “Oh, I don’t even want to think about it.” When you do that you are giving instructions to the cells that you don’t want to deal with them. You’re saying, “Get out of my life.” The cells that are in the fat area say, “Hey, we’re being thrown out, and we’re not liked anymore.” They feel very badly about this. Then you go out and see this marvelous piece of chocolate cake. You can’t resist because the cells in the fat area are the ones that would make the analysis and give you the will to resist, but you have shut them off. You told them that you didn’t want to think about them or talk to them, so they are not available to be used. You eat the chocolate cake because you can’t use that part of the analytical information. If you could, those cells would be saying, “Oh, wait a minute. Don’t eat that piece of cake because we don’t need it and we can’t process it properly.” That would be the analytical motion that would give you the will to say, “No, I really don’t want it.” This works just as well with money, sex, or anything else.

Your body processes the directions you give to the cells to not contribute to the action that produces the will. You might ask, “Can I use will to do the wrong thing?” The answer is no because if you are using will, you can’t do the wrong thing. You feel badly when you avoid going through the analytical process to make a decision and to exercise will. At that point, you are telling all or parts of your body to shut down.

You can see this in individuals who sleep a lot. Whenever they come up against something, they crawl into bed and go to sleep. That’s the avoidance of will. They say, “If I’m asleep, I don’t have to analyze, and if I don’t have to analyze I don’t have to make a decision. If I don’t have to make a decision, it will all go away.” They wake up in the morning and it didn’t go away at all. The imperfect state is when the flow of consciousness is blocked at the point of analysis. Therefore, it doesn’t become the action of will. When you love yourself for whatever you are, you are loving yourself in totality. This allows all your cells to naturally go through the function of the analytical process and make decisions. The perfect state is when the flow of consciousness is used at the point of analysis and finds itself as will taking action.” – Gregge Tiffen

Stress – Part 3 of 3

In Part 1 of our series on Stress we gave you a measuring stick to help evaluate where you might be on the stress level scales. In Part 2 we explained how it is our physical bodies that takes the brunt and toil of stress, not our consciousness. It is important to understand that this body is the vehicle consciousness uses to get around in this school and it behooves us to pay close attention to its needs. In this the final Part 3 of the Stress Series we offer 4 different areas of suggestions and solutions to help you keep your stress levels at a minimum.

1. G-Systems International offers services to help you identify what causes YOU the most stress and where in YOUR body the stress weakens YOUR physical systems.

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2. We have access to thousands of nutritional supplements that are not always available in your local health food stores and we can have them shipped right to your door. As part of the Bicircadian Health Profile we design a supplement program that addresses your specific requirements.

3. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are personal favorites and we believe that these pure botanical oils will be the medicine of the future. We have been an enthusiastic distributor for Young Living Essential Oils for over fifteen years and find their quality to be unsurpassed in the industry. Two of the best stress reducing oils are Lavender and a blend called Peace and Calming. Instant pure relief in a bottle that you can carry in your pocket or purse. Call us to find out how you can purchase these oils.

4. Relief can be found by simply taking a break. Go away for awhile. The situation will be there when you get back or maybe not if you’re gone long enough. Get into nature and hold a living leaf or blades of grass in your left hand (spiritual input hand) for just a few minutes. Connecting with Mother Nature is always calming. Place yourself in a completely dark and quiet space for 5 minutes. Turn off your TV, your cell phone or your computer and put on some music. Put down that newspaper and read a great book (We have one called Life in The World Hereafter – The Journey Continues by Gregge Tiffen). Throw out the junk food and eat healthy. When you need a physical release have sex, run or walk a mile, roll up a newspaper and beat your floor while screaming to the top of your lungs. Do something that allows the pent up stress to be released from your body. Don’t allow it to stay in there and continue its damage. Drink lots of water to flush your system, neutralize the stress, and open your fuel lines. Get a good nights sleep even if it means getting to bed earlier. Get creative with your stress release techniques as the creative process itself can be very calming.

Stress – Part 2 of 3

“Energy is the bloodline of life so let’s use energy in a positive way. How you ask? First, use inexhaustible Universal energy to bring your level of awareness up to the point  that you can quickly recognize the initial impress of spirit that a condition is being formed that requires change and movement on your part. Next, use your energy to take the necessary steps.

Stress has no real effect on consciousness or spirit.  It is a physical condition.  The psychological part of you is physical and is not part of our consciousness.  Its character is physical. Psychological stress is not only produced by our unwillingness to face unwanted conditions, but also by our refusal to do anything about them. Do you wait for actions to move you about? Ask your body. The quantity of stress and how long you have had it always shows on your body.

What you must realize is that we produce our own stress. Spirit, which is at the core of consciousness, impresses us to create a situation that will set up stress conditions in order to allow us to change and move forward with our growth. No one creates stress for anyone else, and it is never correct to look at others as a stress obstacle. Everything is a stress producing situation encouraging us to move through life.

Stress effects the body for the purpose of allowing the body to identify it. Stress will close down the flow lines which cause disease. Bones absorb stress and show up in the joints sometimes creating arthritis. The skin reacts with pallor, blemishes, shingles, and hives.  Muscles will spasm and cramp. Nerves go into exhaustion. Our five senses are gathering devices, and when stress is high they fail to gather information rendering us less effective. Our thoughts do not register or move smoothly through our complex and diverse body systems when there is a lack of information from these senses.” – Gregge Tiffen

In Part 3 of this series we will introduce you to some unique services, techniques, diet suggestions, nutritional supplements, and therapeutic grade essential oils to help your body deal with what your spirit wants you to accomplish.

Stress – Part 1 of 3

The following metaphysical information on the numerous issues concerning stress will come to you in three parts as Gregge wrote a great deal about this topic. The subject is more important now than it was in 1976 when he first started ringing the alarm bells about stress, but then again he was always ahead of the times wasn’t he! We want to identify and give you a way to somewhat measure the stress in your own life with part 1 of 3. It is an eye opener that will hopefully engage your awareness so that you can begin to help your mental and physical bodies meet, handle, and rebound from stress. In parts 2 and 3 we will give you some very helpful information so that you can take charge of your stress levels more efficiently. 
“S T R E S S….It slows you up, it wears you down, and eventually it kills you!
Stress is any condition effecting the body that impairs its natural efficiency. Getting caught in traffic when you’re in a hurry produces stress. Competing in a game produces stress. Getting into an argument with another person produces stress. Breathing bad air and eating bad food produces stress. Flying through time zones produces stress. The fact of the matter is that stress is almost always with us and it is the fundamental killer of humans! If we could find a way to be free of stress we would not become ill, we would age more slowly, and we would find ourselves living a happy and productive life.
So what’s the problem here? The problem is this: As long as we ignore the needs of our mind, body and spirit to meet irrational social and socially economic demands we are insuring not only an untimely death but years of illness and/or pain leading up to the end.
Health and Metaphysics are synonymous. The goals are intertwined. To be able to keep the body stress free and to live in harmony with Universal Law constitutes the issue of “life” on earth. We are not inclined to fantasy or to be Utopian dreamers. We are realists and as such we recognize that earning  one’s daily bread is not an easy task. We know that, short of climbing into a hole and pulling the top over us, we must meet the dictates of society and those around as best we can. But good health is the key and good health means a body that can meet most of these stressful conditions, handle them and rebound quickly to go on to other experiences. Our concept of health is to provide to the body what it needs to accomplish that task.
As the life stress index rises over the years so has the body’s requirements for proper nutrients. The old Minimum Daily Requirement yardstick is dangerously outdated and archaic. It is practically impossible for a person to eat the quantity of good food necessary to meet daily stress requirements. Without quality supplementation we are going downhill. After age 40 the physical breakdown rate increases and what we could survive at age 20 could be the death of us at midlife.
THE STRESS INDEX:  Which of these changes occurred in your life this past year?  Add up the point values of each event.
Death of a spouse 100 – Marital Separation 65
Death of close family member 63 – Close friend 37
Personal injury or illness 53
Change in health of family member  44
Marriage 50 – Marital reconciliation 45
Sex difficulties 39
Wife’s Pregnancy 40 – Gain of new family member 39
Spouse beginning or stopping work 29
Increase/decrease in arguments with your spouse 35
Children leaving home 29 – Trouble with in-laws 29
Loss of Job 47 – Change in financial status 38
Change to a different kind of work 36
Change in work responsibilities 30
Trouble with business superior 23
Change in working hours or conditions 20
Outstanding personal achievement 28
Taking out a big mortgage on home 31
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30
Taking out small home mortgage 17
Revision of personal habits 24
Change in residence or school 20
Change in recreation 19 – Change in social activities 18
Change in sleeping habits 16 – Change in eating habits 15
Change in number of family get-togethers 15
Vacation 13 – Minor violation of law 11
If your life-change units total 150-199 you stand a mild chance of incurring some form of illness.
If your life-change units total 200-299 you are at moderate risk of incurring some form of illness.
If your life-change units are over 300 points you are in the group very likely to suffer serious physical or emotional illness.” – Gregge Tiffen, ©1976

Where The Power Lies

“In a world that gives more lip service to freedom than it supports in practice it is little wonder that we find ourselves questioning how much effect we can have over our life. The continued encroachment of governments at all levels and the general acceptance of that encroachment as the common standard is changing, perhaps forever, the individuality of our society. From bedroom to boardroom we seem to be haunted by incessant demands all of which, when put together, appear to take away our rights and freedoms. It is in metaphysics that we learn how to deal with the world by learning how to “use” ourselves. The individual who attacks the windmills of Caesar’s Laws is wasting time and energy.
To live is to focus on oneself; to recognize that in any condition we are left with the power of choice. Whether freely roaming the beaches of a tropical island or laying impassively on the cot of a prison cell, choice is always our companion. We can choose to think – positively or negatively. We can choose to accept a statement as truth or lie. We can choose who we will share ourselves with and in our society how we will use our talent. If all is taken from one, the power of choice still remains as the strongest weapon of the Universe. Our problem is that we fail to use it, or we use it only sparingly as if we somehow believe that only a small amount of it was allotted to us when we came here. But the reality is that we have unlimited use of this unlimited power. Facing any condition, any event, any circumstance, it is in our own best interest to STOP and think of our CHOICES. There are always two ways to go and almost always there is the right and wrong. To complain that we do not know the difference is a cop-out. No one knows you as well as you do and if you would but listen to yourself; deeply and willingly, you will always make the right choice. That is not to say that events will manifest exactly the way you want them to. We often see our choices producing upheaval, change and disengagement. But if we stay true to the power, we will see that it has all worked out rightly.
Every day gives you a multitude of opportunities and if you used no other power than the power of choice, clearly and with intention, you would control your life and the events in it. Choice is the mustard seed of abundance. Its continual planting provides a fruitful harvest. To leave it in the storehouse is to invite bareness. Every minute, every hour and every day, the choice is yours. Empower yourself!” – Gregge Tiffen

April 2018 – A Word From Bonnie

I was reading an article awhile back in which the subject of making a choice between a grievance and a miracle was discussed. It had to do with a mundane issue and was not really a belief system piece. It caught my attention because there are so many grievances being openly aired everywhere on our planet right now. With our instant and incessant communication capabilities, energy is magnified and grievance energy can be very draining. While it may relieve some internal physical pressure for those who are yelling the loudest, it doesn’t really help solve the grievance.

What we don’t hear about very much are the large and small miracles taking place in our lives and in those of our fellow travelers each and every day. Those miracles are happening because conscious choices are being made by individuals who trust in the omnipotent good of the Universe and choose  miracles rather than grievances. We are co-creators with the Universe and have not only the power, but the responsibility to choose what we want to create. The Law of Free Will is designed so that we can only choose on an individual basis and not for others. I can’t speak for you, but I hope you will join me in choosing the miracles! Happy April!

Time Waits For No One

“Life is not lived on rewind. If you are late for an appointment and move faster, you do not get back the minutes already used. However, you do interrupt the natural flow that is in constant motion. Our minds cannot grasp the concept of something that just keeps going on and on without any edges even though we are hooked into that kind of motion. Proof of this fact is the galaxies constantly moving through space. They just keep going and going. Consider freedom as a forward motion. The natural flow that is constantly moving onward and upward provides a highly individualized timing beat, one that is all your own. This tempo accounts for your ability as to how you harmonize or feel disjointed and also influences how you relate to other people. No two people ever have the same rhythms. If we break this down through the lens of time, we have to realize no two people are moving along at the same beat. Everyone and everything has a different rhythm.
Many years ago there were scientific studies that proved everyone had their own circadian rhythm, their own built-in time clock and no two are ever alike. Some may be close and equal in harmony. Others are very distant making it difficult to accomplish anything. Part of understanding your own particular circadian rhythm is the awareness that interacting with certain people will obstruct your natural timing because the two different beats are out of tune with one another. This is like a huge symphony orchestra where every musician is playing its own note. There is no disharmony unless someone is disharmonious with himself and tries to play someone else’s note. To pay attention and play your own “musical score” at your own tempo provides you with a sense of caution or opens doorways to opportunities. There are variables in individualized patterns that are affected by four major issues:
1. WEATHER: It is a large factor in affecting circadian rhythms. Some people are upset by thunderstorms and others love them. Some people find long winters enjoyable and others go south with the migrating birds.
2. FOOD: People who are ingesting food that is not harmonious with their bodies are out of synchronization with their own timing.
3. CLOTHING: Your body absorbs the colors, patterns and textures of fabrics that cover your body.
4. SURROUNDINGS: Where you are at any given moment has an enormous effect on your circadian rhythms. This is particularly true in your sleeping space because your sleeping conditions affect a restful night’s sleep or lack of sleep. Part of the atmosphere you create around you during the day comes from being boosted by accomplishment and excitement or depleted from hard work that can be traced to sleep patterns and their effect on circadian rhythms. Any one of these four elements, individually or collectively, can affect the circadian rhythms of your body.
The one thing I want to get across to you is how essential it is that you have an awareness of your own timing and your own rhythm because problems occur when you are not in control of your tempo. You are then in a state of chaos. Conditions become chaotic when you are not in a position to manage the harmonic of your individual core energy to create. “I don’t know what that beat is” is a valid statement. You need to pay attention and discover the basic harmony of your mind, body, and spirit. No one can make this discovery for you. The focus is on you with the thought that you want to listen to that beat and feel it. Use your own rhythm to create and move yourself through life with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You do know what that is and you do know this does not mean you impose your demands and timing on someone else. 
Many people use goals to make demands and agitate their circadian rhythm. “I must do, must call, must use this time effectively, must be home by 6:30pm” are all forced issues. Build, moment-by-moment, on what you have identified as your circadian rhythm because where you were a moment ago is no longer there. The only thing you can do is to establish a new flow. Circadian rhythms depend on flow. Time travels, and whoever you are and wherever you live, the future is something that you reach at the rate of your own rhythm.” – Gregge Tiffen